Foreword from the Principal

The year 2017 shall be a very significant year for Sekolah Sri Bestari and in particular Lang Education Sdn Bhd (LESB), having obtained the approval from MOE for the setting up of Sri Bestari International School. Much planning and time shall be dedicated to the setting up of the required infrastructure and facilities for the new set-up and I am sure it shall be a very exciting chapter for Sri Bestari in the coming months.

We are also looking forward to the setting up of the Centre of Sports Excellence in 2017 as well as the follow-up audit for the ECO Green Flag at the end of the year. From the academic perspective, work is in progress to provide a certification option for students pursuing their interest in foreign languages namely Japanese and French as well as other examination options besides the University of New South Wales (UNSW) exam such as the Cambridge Check points as well as IGCSE in the near future. With the increase in academic pursuits as well as support for students with special needs in ELSA, the whole school administration has its work cut out right from day one of 2017 and we look forward to the continued support of all stakeholders and hard work from all staff of LESB in ensuring we achieve nothing but success.

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