Foreword from the Principal

The New Year in 2015 provides us an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of all at Sekolah Sri Bestari. New challenges await us and fresh avenues for us to explore as we provide the platform and impetus for our students, teachers and staff to realise their optimum potential in this coming year.

The shift in national examinations from mere rote learning and exam orientation to that of continuous assessment and the imposition for higher order thinking is a step in the right direction. Education in this 21st Century requires more than just the ability to regurgitate facts from memory. The need for critical, logical and creative thinking is a must to be able to make a difference in this most challenging environment that we all live in. The recent UPSR and PT3 examinations have exposed the glaring need to develop thinking skills and in particular higher order thinking among students in Malaysia.

2015 shall be the year much investment in terms of time and resources will be devoted to firstly enhance the teachers' knowledge in developing materials and assessments for students to develop higher order thinking skills. This was started in 2014 but will be intensified this coming year. Students will be gradually and systematically exposed to this aspect of their development besides the overall holistic development that is ever evident at Sekolah Sri Bestari.

We seek the corporation and support from parents, students and the community as we work towards providing avenues, opportunities and support to cater for the varied abilities of our students here at Sekolah Sri Bestari.

Thank you.

Dr Steven Baptist
Sekolah Sri Bestari has embarked on a program termed, 'Success Through Unity' where we identify families as well as alumni's who's families have worked very closely with the school in nurturing and guiding their children to become who they are today . This program showcases the importance of a conducive family environment which is both supportive and enriching in ensuring the desired growth and development of their child.

Often, the family structure and support are overlooked as crucial ingredients for the formation of a child's value system, behaviours, and attitudes which shapes their character. 'Success Through Unity' is to acknowledge that a child is liken to a rough diamond that need to be chiseled bit-by-bit and polished to be that gem of an individual that they are. It is painstaking and requires a labour of love, skill and patience and it is befitting that a child's Alma mater spearheads this program as the school together with the family plays such an important role in this aspect.
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